Video: Why goals matter when discussing client returns

It turns out that, without guidance, clients have different expectations around returns than their advisors: clients usually expect much higher returns.  How can advisors prevent clients from being disappointed by their actual returns?

In this video, Susan Silma and Brent Klassen discuss the importance of helping clients make their goals more concrete, and explore the opportunity of using returns to help clients track progress toward their goals.

Video: Where is the money in motion and what's at risk?

Many clients have received their CRM2 Reports by now. Even if advisors haven't had a lot of negative feedback from clients, does that mean there's no cause for concern or is it too soon to tell? Susan Silma and Brent Klassen discuss the impact of CRM2 reporting, client expectations, and potential pitfalls. They provide tips for how advisors can reinforce the value they provide and minimize the risk of money in motion.

Did your firm's CRM2 Reports make the grade?

Did your firm's CRM2 Reports make the grade?

See how your firm compares to industry peers with a CRM2 Report Card. Now that many of the CRM2 reports have been sent out, there’s a great deal of industry interest in the look and content of other dealer firms' reports ... and their impact on the client experience. At CRM2 Navigator, we’ve analyzed a wide range of CRM2 Reports and can assess the strengths and weaknesses of your firm's approach to CRM2 reporting with a customized CRM2 Report Card. 

Have your clients received their new-look statements yet?

“It’s imperative that advisors be proactive and don’t shy away from having conversations with their clients,” Silma says. “They should take the lead in these conversations and steer them through the fee reports, not just wait for the client to ask questions.”  Susan Silma, Partner at CRM2 Navigator

With the majority of investors having now received their new-look statements, many advisors will have clients who are struggling to understand what they see ... there’s little doubt that many investors will be looking for answers from their advisor.

IFIC calls for a consistent approach to KYC and suitability

IFIC filed a submission emphasizing the importance of a robust suitability process in response to IIROC’s proposed guidance on order-execution only (OEO) services and activities. In a recent article, Wealth Professional highlights IFIC's comments.

“There is currently no advice gap in the context of mutual funds because funds can be purchased through a bundled fee model at a cost that is affordable to investors regardless of account size. A mutual fund account can be started today for as little as $25 per month. Many small investors would lose the ability to obtain advice for a nominal amount if bundled fees were prohibited.”  IFIC president and CEO Paul Bourque

CRM2: Don’t wait for your clients to ask about fees and performance.

Many financial firms across the country have started mailing out the new CRM2 Fee and Performance Reports. When clients review their reports, some advisors may face tough questions ... especially from clients with sticker shock over their fees. Or, worse yet, what about the clients that advisors don’t hear from? That doesn’t necessarily mean they don’t have any questions. Whether you talk to your clients now or over the next few months, here are some suggestions to help you have comfortable, confident conversations about fees, performance and the value you provide.

New fee-reporting rules will lead to investing industry shakeout

Susan Silma of CRM2 Navigator shares her insights into the impact of CRM2 on investors and advisors in this recent article in The Globe and Mail. It is fair to say that in Canada, January is the cruelest month. The days are cold and dark, holiday bills start coming due and tax season begins. This year is sure to bring more grim tidings to most Canadian investors – and the advisers who serve them. For most investment firms, this month is when they must start presenting clients with detailed reports on the fees that they have charged their clients.

It's crunch time for CRM2: here's what advisors can do to prepare clients.

The financial industry has been talking about CRM2 for months … and now it’s crunch time. Any day now, crisp new CRM2 fee and performance reports will be landing in the laps of investors revealing previously invisible information. These transparent reports will give investors new insights into the cost and performance of their investments. Are you prepared for the potential reactions of your clients? Do you know the best way to talk to them about their new CRM2 reports? Here are three things advisors can do right now to prepare their clients.

What will (and will not) be included in your new CRM2 annual investment reports

Globe and Mail video: Drawing Conclusions What will (and will not) be included in your new annual CRM2 report

Globe and Mail video: Drawing Conclusions

What will (and will not) be included in your new annual CRM2 report

Investors will start receiving CRM2 annual reports in January 2017 that show what they're paying for their investments in dollar terms. In this video, find out what costs will (and will not) be included in these reports.

>Watch the video

Webinar series: How advisors can capture money in motion for 2017

Want to know how to capture money in motion and turn the new CRM2 fee and performance information into an opportunity with your clients? Susan Silma, co-founder of CRM2 Navigator, outlines how advisors can leverage CRM2 and be on the winning side of money in motion in this 10-module webinar series developed by the Investment Industry Association of Canada (IIAC). 

Should I dump my investment adviser to save on fees?

Should I dump my investment adviser to save on fees?

Should I dump my investment adviser to save on fees? "Well, there’s more to running a retirement portfolio than saving money," says Rob Carrick in his Dec. 16, 2016 "Carrick on Money" newsletter.

Read the rest of Rob Carrick's article.

Check your risk of Money in Motion for CRM2

Many investors are shocked when they see their #CRM2 Fee and Performance Reports for the first time. How will they react when they receive yours in January? There's still time to find out with our CRM2 Navigator Money in Motion Assessment. We'll identify potential trouble areas and help your firm not only prevent money in motion, but even grow assets. >> Check your Money in Motion risk.  

Advisor Insights for CRM2 from IFIC

IFIC offers a three-part series of documents to help advisors ensure clients get the most from the new reports they will soon receive under CRM2.  The documents are designed to help advisors have better conversations with their clients about their investments as the final stages of CRM2 are implemented. 


It’s not a game. It’s my retirement. #AskToughQuestions

In advance of the arrival of new CRM2 fee reports, Questrade has launched an #AskToughQuestions campaign.

Designed to help Canadians keep more of their money, it encourages investors to ask tough questions about the fees they pay for their investments.

It’s not a game. It’s my retirement. #AskToughQuestion


At CRM2 Navigator, we help advisors #GiveGoodAnswers
about fees and the value investors receive for the fees they pay. Ask us how we can help – get in touch today.